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Sports Vision Training Starts Here!

Superior visual skills can separate good athletes from great athletes, which is one reason why sports vision training is being incorporated into an athlete’s regular training regimen. Some of the key benefits of sports vision training include increased eye-hand coordination, speed & accuracy of eye movements, better eye tracking, better eye focusing, and the strength to keep both eyes working together when your body gets fatigued.

Now, more than ever, technology is making it easier and more effective to hone your visual skills to excel in your sport. We utilize the latest technology available in the eye care and the sports-training space to give our athletes the performance edge they need to blow the competition away.

Visual Acuity

Contract Sensitivity

Eye-Hand Coordination

Visual Reaction Time

Depth Perception

Eye Teaming

Peripheral Awareness


Eye Focusing

Cognitive Function

Spatial Awareness

Visual Attention

Senaptec Sensory Tablet

senaptec tablet 400×345.jpg

The Senaptec Sensory Training System includes a multitude of tools designed to improve visual and sensorimotor skills.

There are currently 7 tools are being offered in the Senaptec Sensory Training app:
Eye Hand Coordination – Designed to train the speed and accuracy of visually guided hand response to rapidly changing target.
Go No Go – Designed to train quickness and accuracy of decision making in pressure situations.
Dynamic Vision – Designed to train dynamic visual acuity.
Perception Training – Designed to train speed and span perception.
Multiple Object Tracking – Designed to train the ability to track the movement of multiple objects at the same time.
Depth Perception Training – Designed to improve sensitivity to depth information.
Near Far Quickness Training – Designed to improve the ability to quickly shift your focus between near and far objects.

RightEye Training

RightEye offers a variety of Vision Training Games played solely with eye movements. It takes superior tracking, peripheral awareness and oculomotor control in order to accumulate points and blast the competition. These interactive gaze-controlled games combine the thrill of gaming with innovative eye-tracking technology to improve gaze control, accuracy, and eye movement speed.

Imagine exploding things with only your eyes! The games feature bubbles, asteroids, aliens and mazes and include functionalities to monitor visual reaction time, peripheral range and recognition, accuracy, speed and smoothness of eye movements. After athletes play the games, doctors receive reports that show scores for speed, and accuracy, allowing us to track and assess improvement over time.


FitLight Trainer

fitlight 6017 9519 400×400.jpg

The FITLIGHT Trainer system is a unique wireless reaction training system comprised of RGB LED powered lights controlled by a Tablet Controller. The FITLIGHTS™ are used as targets for the athlete to deactivate, and can be adapted and configured for a variety of Sports Vision protocols. This training system is designed to capture data on human performance related to visual, cognitive and dynamic reactions. It’s portable and easy to set up and use, making it a great addition to any Sports Vision program.


Competing and winning require superior cognitive performance. The power to perform under pressure, remain aware, in control, and to rapidly process everything that’s going on are some of the skills needed to consistently perform at an elite level. NeuroTracker has scientifically demonstrated advantages for athletes seeking to increase situational awareness and strengthen their decision-making abilities. NeuroTracker is a highly effective tool for enhancing higher-level function, working memory, and processing speed. That’s why it’s used by elite athletes and military Special Forces to push the levels of human performance.

Traditional Training Exercises

Marsden Ball – Trains smooth visual tracking in free space by swinging a suspended ball and requiring multiple focusing and processing tasks simultaneously.

Brock String – Works on eye teaming and depth perception by training the eyes to control their movements as objects move closer ad further away.

Balance Boards – Balance and vision go hand-in-hand as the two systems are linked in the brain. One greatly affects the other and at the highest level both balance and vision must work together for an athlete to perform.

Near/Far Charts – Constantly changing visual information is a hallmark of sports, and being able to rapidly change focus from near to far quickly and accurately is a vital skill for an athlete.