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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses at Acworth Family Eyecare

Dr. Dylan Reach understands that many people prefer contact lenses since they can be more convenient and more satisfying than eyeglasses.

Contact Lenses Eye Exam By Our Optometrists in Acworth GA

Before wearing contacts, you will need to have a comprehensive eye exam specific for contact lens wearers. In the exam, your doctor determines your prescription and checks for any eye health problems.

PLEASE NOTE:  Your eyeglass prescription cannot be used to purchase contact lenses. You need a specific contact lens prescriptions because your doctor needs to determine that contact lenses are safe for you.

What to expect during a contact lens fitting at Acworth Family Eyecare

The first step is to determine the best type of contact lenses for you, based on your lifestyle, personal preferences, and visual needs.

Special measurements taken during your eye exam

Like a pair of shoes, we must fit a contact lens precisely to your eye based on its unique size and shape. If not fitted correctly, you may experience discomfort or damage to your eye.

Corneal curvature: A keratometer measures the curvature of your cornea, the clear anterior surface of the eye. When the cornea is asymmetrical, that is due to astigmatism and may require a “toric” contact lens.

Corneal topography:  In some cases, detailed mapping of your cornea may be required. Corneal topography provides a very precise map of the corneal surface and its contours, allowing us to design a custom lens for your eye.

Tear film evaluation: To wear contact lenses successfully, you need to have a healthy tear film to keep your eyes hydrated. The quality of your tear film can be determined with a yellow dye or the Tear Lab Osmolarity Test. If you have dry eyes, you may need specialized lenses.

Trial lenses

Before you purchase your lenses, you will be given a trial pair to make sure the brand of lenses is comfortable for you. Your doctor will use a microscope to determine the position and movement of the contacts, and see if they fit properly. If you feel that they are comfortable, you will be sent home with the trial pair and any instructions on how to insert, remove, and care for your contacts.

Follow-up visit to our eye care center for safety & fit confirmation

At your follow-up visit, you will tell your doctor if you are happy or unhappy with your lenses. Your doctor will check it out to make sure they are not harming your eyes. He will use a yellow dye to ensure the lenses are not doing any damage to the cornea or drying out your eyes. Many times the doctor can see warning signs before you are even aware of any problems. If the doctor sees any warning signs, he may recommend a new lens material, different lens solution, or alternative wearing schedule.

Contact lens prescription is finalized

After finding the right lenses that are comfortable and healthy for your eyes, you can order your lenses with your doctor!

Routine contact lens exams Dr. Reach

Regardless of how often or how long you wear your contact lenses, contact lens wearers should have an eye exam at least once per year in our office in Acworth, GA to ensure your eyes are not being damaged by the lenses.

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